Serra Furada: Guardians of the Atlantic Forest's Future

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Serra Furada: Guardians of the Atlantic Forest's Future

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Serra Furada State Park is located in Santa Catarina, Brazil. It was established to protect the unique and diverse ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest. Nestled in the densely forested mountain region of the Serra Geral escarpment, it is a vital part of the core zone of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve.

Serra Furada State Park: A Sanctuary of Biodiversity and Geological Wonders

Serra Furada State Park, located in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, is a hidden gem of the Atlantic Forest biome. Spanning 1,330 hectares (3,300 acres) across the municipalities of Orleans and Grão Pará, the park was established in 1980 to protect its unique and diverse ecosystems. Nestled in the densely forested mountain region of the Serra Geral escarpment, Serra Furada is a vital part of the core zone of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve, playing a crucial role in the conservation of rare and endangered species and the regeneration of local forests.

Geographical and Geological Features

Location and Terrain

Serra Furada State Park is situated on the escarpment of the Serra Geral, covering parts of the Serra Geral and Botucatu geological formations. The park's altitudes range from 400 to 1,480 meters (1,310 to 4,860 feet), creating a varied landscape of cliffs, deep valleys formed by fluvial erosion, and rounded hills in areas dominated by sedimentary rocks. This diverse topography contributes to the park's stunning scenery and supports a wide range of habitats and species.


The park is an essential water catchment area, contributing to the sources of several significant local rivers. These include the Minador River, a tributary of the Laranjeiras River, which feeds into the Tubarão River. Additionally, the Meio and Braço Esquerdo rivers within the park drain into the sub-basin of the Braço do Norte River. These waterways are crucial for maintaining the ecological balance and supporting the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Ecological Importance


Serra Furada State Park is characterized by its Atlantic Forest biome, featuring submontane, montane, and high montane formations. The park's unique vegetation includes various types of pioneer plants that cling to the steep walls of the Serra Geral, showcasing the area's incredible botanical diversity. This diverse plant life plays a critical role in maintaining the health and stability of the park's ecosystems.


Initial studies conducted during the park's Management Plan preparation revealed a rich diversity of wildlife. The park is home to 174 species of birds, 10 species of mammals, 23 species of amphibians, 14 species of reptiles, and 12 species of fish. This impressive array of species highlights the park's importance as a biodiversity hotspot and underscores the need for continued conservation efforts to protect these vital habitats.

Conservation and Connectivity

Relationship with São Joaquim National Park

The western portion of Serra Furada State Park is adjacent to São Joaquim National Park, established in 1961 to halt the devastation of the region's Araucaria pine forests. These two parks form a continuous forest area, creating a larger, interconnected habitat that enhances biodiversity conservation and ecosystem resilience. This connectivity is crucial for the survival of many species, providing them with more extensive areas for foraging, breeding, and migration.

Role in the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve

As part of the core zone of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve, Serra Furada State Park plays a pivotal role in the broader conservation strategy for the Atlantic Forest biome. The park's protection of rare and endangered species, coupled with its support for forest regeneration, contributes significantly to the overall health and sustainability of the Atlantic Forest. This collaboration with other protected areas within the biosphere reserve enhances the effectiveness of conservation efforts across the region.


Serra Furada State Park is a vital conservation area within the Atlantic Forest biome, offering a sanctuary for diverse plant and animal species. Its unique geological formations, varied topography, and rich biodiversity make it a critical Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve component. By preserving these invaluable natural resources and maintaining the region's ecological balance, Serra Furada State Park continues to play a crucial role in Brazil's conservation efforts, ensuring that future generations can enjoy and benefit from its natural beauty and ecological significance.