Protected Areas in Colombia

Amacayacu National Natural Park: The Heart of the Amazon

Amacayacu National Natural Park is a remarkable protected area in Colombia, nestled along the Amazon River in the southern Amazonas Department. It stands out as the only protected area in the country that conserves the unique flooded forests of the Amazon River, playing a crucial role in preserving this extraordinary region's biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Bahía Portete - Kaurrele National Natural Park: A Coastal Eden at the Edge of Colombia

Located on the La Guajira Peninsula, at the northernmost tip of Colombia, the Bahía Portete - Kaurrele National Natural Park boasts a stunning coastline. It sits between Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas and is known as the northernmost National Park in South America. This sanctuary is where the Caribbean Sea meets the arid La Guajira Desert, creating a unique and beautiful natural landscape.

Chingaza: The Heart of Colombia's Andean Wilderness

Chingaza National Natural Park, nestled in the Andean Natural Region of Colombia, is a stunning testament to the country's rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Located in the Cordillera Occidental of the Colombian Andes, this park is a vital ecological haven and is a crucial water source for Bogotá. From its diverse ecosystems and unique flora and fauna to its historical significance, Chingaza National Natural Park offers a comprehensive glimpse into Colombia's natural and cultural wealth.

Chiribiquete: Colombia's Amazonian Masterpiece

Deep within the heart of the Colombian Amazon lies a natural and cultural treasure of immense significance – the Serranía de Chiribiquete and the Chiribiquete National Natural Park. This vast expanse of pristine rainforests, towering tepuis (table-top mountains), and ancient rock art represents a captivating blend of breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, and profound indigenous heritage.

Ecological Wonders of Northern Colombia: A Deep Dive into the Ciénaga Grande and Isla de Salamanca

Nestled in southwestern Ecuador, the Macizo del Cajas Biosphere Reserve includes a range of ecosystems from high mountains to coastal and marine areas along the Pacific. The Reserve's core zone is El Cajas National Park, with the Quimsacocha National Recreation Area playing a crucial role in water provision and regulation. The Reserve features four major ecosystem types: páramo, montane forest, cloud forest, and mangroves, each contributing to its remarkable biodiversity.

Exploring Colombia's Andean Wonders: The Cocora Valley and Los Nevados National Natural Park

Nestled within the rugged terrain of the Colombian Andes lies the Cocora Valley, a picturesque landscape where the iconic Quindío wax palms sway gracefully amidst verdant hillsides. Surrounding this natural wonderland lies Los Nevados National Natural Park, a captivating expanse of biodiversity and geological marvels that is a testament to the dynamic forces that have shaped the region.

Exploring El Tuparro: Colombia's Savanna Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of Colombia's Orinoquía Region, the El Tuparro National Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve are a testament to the country's rich natural heritage and cultural diversity. This vast protected area, located in the Eastern Plains (Llanos Orientales), with its undulating landscape, diverse ecosystems, and vibrant indigenous communities, offers a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the Orinoco Basin and immerse oneself in the region's captivating biodiversity.

Exploring the Seaflower: Colombia's Vibrant Marine Biosphere Reserve

The Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, located in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, is one of the Caribbean's most ecologically and culturally rich regions. Situated off the east coast of Nicaragua and under Colombian jurisdiction, the reserve is recognized for its outstanding marine biodiversity and unique geological features. The reserve is vital in preserving the delicate balance of marine ecosystems within the southwestern Caribbean while supporting the livelihoods and traditions of the local communities.

Gorgona Island: Colombia's Ecological Jewel in the Pacific

Situated off Colombia's Pacific coast, the island of Gorgona is a true ecological gem. It boasts a rich biodiversity and a fascinating history that spans indigenous cultures and colonial exploration. This remote island, part of Colombia's Insular Region, is a world unto itself, isolated by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Gorgona is home to Gorgona Natural National Park, a protected area established to preserve its unique ecological treasures.

La Guajira: Desert, Mountains, and Indigenous Heritage

The La Guajira Peninsula, located at the northernmost tip of South America, is home to the vast and mesmerizing La Guajira Desert, the lush Serranía de Macuira mountain range, and the protected Macuira National Natural Park. This unique region of northern Colombia, extending slightly into Venezuela, boasts a remarkable diversity of ecosystems, indigenous cultures, and significant natural resources.