Ecoregions of South America

Beneath the Canopy: Exploring Brazil's Araucaria Moist Forests

Located in the mountainous regions of Southern Atlantic Brazil and extending into northeastern Argentina, the Araucaria moist forests ecoregion is a remarkable example of the ecological abundance found within the Atlantic Forest biome. This coniferous forest ecoregion boasts diverse landscapes, unique flora, and a rich biodiversity.

Brazil's Emerald Necklace: A Journey into the Serra do Mar Coastal Forests

The Serra do Mar Coastal Forests, an ecoregion nestled along the southeastern coast of Brazil, stand as a bastion of biodiversity and ecological richness within the Atlantic Forest biome. This ecoregion encompasses a mosaic of montane forests, high summits, and lush valleys, creating a haven for many plant and animal species. These forests remain a vital stronghold for conservation efforts, harboring endemic species and a critical center of endemism in South America.

Central Andean Dry Puna: An Arid Haven in the High Andes

The Central Andean Dry Puna, an arid haven in the high southern Andes of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, captivates with arid landscapes, salt flats, and ancient sea remnants. Unique vegetation adapted to extreme conditions and diverse fauna, from Andean camelids to elusive predators and unique birds, thrive in this high-elevation ecoregion. As a mosaic of arid splendor, the Central Andean Dry Puna unfolds a captivating story of adaptation and conservation.

Central Andean Wet Puna: Where Mountains and Wetlands Converge

The Central Andean wet puna ecoregion, a gem in the southern high Andean Mountains of Peru and eastern Bolivia, reveals itself as a high-elevation, moist, montane grassland. Marked by snow-capped peaks, mountain pastures, high lakes, plateaus, and valleys, this region extends beyond the tree line, forming a distinctive composition of landscapes.

Discovering the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forests: A Treasure of Biodiversity

The Upper Paraná Atlantic forests, also known as "Selva Paranaense," represent a verdant expanse of tropical moist forests nestled within the South American Atlantic Forest biome. This ecoregion, characterized by its rich biodiversity and ecological significance, stretches across the southern reaches of the Brazilian Highlands, extending through southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina.

Exploring the Enchanting Catatumbo Moist Forests: A Treasure of Colombia and Venezuela

A natural wonder of unparalleled beauty and ecological significance lies along the border between Colombia and Venezuela—the Catatumbo moist forests ecoregion. This enchanting landscape, spanning lush valleys, towering mountains, and winding rivers, captivates the imagination with its rich biodiversity and breathtaking vistas. From its dense rainforests to its mist-shrouded cloud forests, this diverse ecoregion offers a glimpse into a world teeming with life and wonder.

Guardians of the Andes: The Eastern Cordillera Real Montane Forests

The Eastern Cordillera Real Montane Forests in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia are a unique and vital ecoregion in the Andes Mountains known for its high biodiversity and diverse microclimates. It is part of the larger Tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot and faces conservation challenges due to human activities and climate change, making it a focal point for preservation efforts.

Guardians of the Drylands: The Cauca Valley Dry Forests of Colombia's Tropical Andes

The Cauca Valley dry forests in Colombia are part of the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot, one of Earth's most biologically diverse regions. This ecoregion is characterized by its distinct dry climate, varied topography, and a remarkable array of flora and fauna. Despite its ecological importance, the Cauca Valley dry forests face significant threats from human activities and environmental changes.

Northwestern Andean Montane Forests: Exploring Colombia and Ecuador's Biodiversity Hotspot

The Northwestern Andean Montane Forests ecoregion is a breathtaking display of South America's natural aesthetics. It surrounds the western slopes of the Andes Mountains in Colombia and Ecuador. The area consists of numerous habitats that sustain an exceptional range of plants and animals. The region's ecological system is diverse and complex, ranging from misty cloud forests to sun-drenched valleys below.